Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Unity is Ringing in the New Year in Meditation

What is it you would like to accomplish in 2015? What obstacle will you finally overcome in the New Year? What positive, new outcome are you ready to manifest in your life? How will you contribute to the well-being of the planet? How will you serve others?

Perhaps you want healing, love, abundance, prosperity, romance…

Or, maybe you are not so certain about what you want.

At Unity, we learn that being crystal clear about our desires and intentions is the first step to manifesting the life we want. There is no better way to do that than through the practice of meditation. By quieting the mind, we are telling the Universe that we are ready to receive. God knows what our deepest desires and needs are before we do. So, what better way to get clear than to listen, and to wait for the answers to come?

The regular practice of meditation brings us to the core of our essence, the purity of our divinity, and the Source of all wisdom. Therein lies the Answer to any question, the Solution to any problem, the Healing of any sickness…and no request is too great or small to bring to the altar of inner Truth.

At Unity, we believe in the universal truth and realization that WE ARE ALL ONE. Therefore, when we meditate, we are not just benefiting our own personal well-being, but we are benefiting all of existence. Meditation is a service to humanity, it is an offering to the divine, and it is a sacrifice of ego for the good of the whole.

Let us pave the way to a brighter future for ourselves and for the planet! Join us for creating high hopes, positive intentions and peace for ourselves and the planet in the New Year.

For more information, please visit our event page.

Or, call us at 303-442-1411.

*Please note, due to the late hour of this event, there will be no childcare offered at this service.