Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Bring About Positive Change in Your Life


Learning to trust life’s process is quit a feat.  However, when we let go of our resistance to change and finally release the things that are falling away and are no longer working in our life, the whole world opens up to us.  When we release the need to control the outcome of our life and we learn to trust fate rather than resist it, the Holy Spirit is allowed to move in our lives.  Our surrender to Source brings positive change and miracles back into our life and our purpose is made clear.  We are able to find new meaning in life and grow spiritually as our true divinity unfolds and our great potential blossoms.  All because we allowed ourselves to let go…and let God. 

Mark Nepo says, “Surrender is the fish finding a current and going with it.” 

Today is New Year’s Eve and I’m posting this message to anyone who is really wanting to change an area of their life – be it fitness, relationships, career, location, etc.

 In my life, when I’ve gone through challenges or unexpected changes and I have set goals for myself to create a powerful change for my life, they are only achieved if they are love backed and come from a place of self-acceptance.  If I set a goal based on what I believe is a limitation in myself that I need to change in order to finally love and accept myself, it falls apart.  The love and acceptance for oneself has to be at work in your life first before you can plant a seed of desire and make it come true.

When we surrender and lean on the one power that can and will bring about the change we are looking for, then we must recognize that we were made in the image and likeness of God.  Meaning, if we are putting ourselves down when we are trying to make positive changes in our lives, we have already ruined the goal.  Once we see ourselves as we really are, perfect and filled with Divine Potential, then we will be blessed and guided to that which we really need to do, to bring about the change we are looking for.  That is when you will witness your New Year’s resolutions coming true. 

Happy New Year and know that you are perfect just the way you are.   And if you forget it, I want to be here for you as a mirror to remind you of that perfection within you.

 Bless you all,