Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Blessings for the New Year



“Without our connection to our Core Self and the awareness that we are worthy of love, we cannot create anything helpful to ourselves or to others.”  Paul Ferrini

A Special Message from our Minister, Syntysche Groverland 

Happy New Year Beautiful People!

I’m sending light and love out to all of you today!

My wish for every one of you this year is that you discover the radiating light that exists within each and everyone of you.  Each of you plays an integral part in the greater whole of life’s expression and the conscious heightening that is being asked of all of us to take part of at this time.  You can be a part of this shift by finding your own true calling or your purpose and by sharing it with all. When you discover your gift, the world will benefit by it and it will add to this awakening process that will bring growing love and peace to all people, all life and the planet.   

This will happen when you have learned to love and except yourselves just the way you are, the way Spirit accepts you.  If you are still in an un-conscious or sub-conscious way not liking who you are, your life will reflect that disharmony directly back to you and is still adding to the unhappiness in your life and is also contributing to the lower vibration of this world.

This year I hope for all of you the kind of joy and peace that will happen when you take the time to do your meditation daily and share it with your friends, family and children.  Let us all commit ourselves to heighten the consciousness of the greater whole so that we may be the Light Bearers that we want to see in this world.

 You are all blessings to Unity and myself and I appreciate and give thank to each and every one of you for who you are!