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Read our blog, the “Voice of Unity”, for important church announcements, events and updates.

New Community Groups at Unity!

Coming to Unity this Fall! We have several new ongoing support groups to better meet the needs of all of you who attend Unity. The Following is a list of our on-going discussion groups held at Unity.

Unity’s Roof Needs Repair

Our roof needs repair!   Not the pitched, shingled part, but the larger flat surface part on both sides of the pitched area.  Over the last ten years we have patched and foam covered these flat areas, but now it’s peeling up everywhere.  We have had several reputable roofing companies examine and bid the repair.   The medium bid to completely tear out the old flat roof and install a new one costs between $40,000 – 50,000 (with a 12…

Prosperity Talks at Unity

A New Talk Series is here! In the month of May, Jack Groverland and Syntysche Groverland will be focusing on the REAL Law of Attraction with their new series “The Heart of Prosperity”. You don’t want to miss even one Sunday in this series…these prosperity principles transform lives!

Daily Affirmations for Lent

Lent is the name given to a period of fasting and abstinence in traditional Christian Churches – specifically, the 40 days (plus six Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. The word Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring, which in turn is derived from the Germanic root for long – referencing the fact that in the spring, the days become longer.

Looking for Unconditional Love in a World of Conditions

Looking for unconditional love in a world of conditions must inevitably fail. Since all your brothers and sisters are acting out of shame-based patterns, they cannot offer you the love you know that you deserve, nor can you offer it to them. The best that you can do is raise each other’s awareness of the love that is necessary and begin taking responsibility for giving it to yourself.

Unity of Boulder Supports Local and National Charities

Unity of Boulder Supports Local and National Charities. While we provide great value as a spiritual center, we know that we can’t do it all. So, we support several organizations that are doing the good work in ways that we can’t – benefiting people, animals and our environment.

A Healing Miracle

My miracle healing process took place in Boston, Massachusetts on August 31, 2010. After years and years of illness and a chance meeting, a new friend was in Boston on a work trip. On this particular evening she wandered into the Old South Boston Church.

Announcing an Exciting New Sunday School Curriculum at Unity!

We are excited to announce that we will be incorporating a new curriculum for our Sunday School this year! Spiritual Playdate is the creator of this curriculum and is based on the Socratic method. We truly resonate with this approach because it is an interactive program that encourages children to explore spirituality and make their own decisions about what they believe.

Sunday Spiritual Service

Our Sunday Spiritual Service is at 10:00 am. Jack Groverland, Head Minister, along with his daughter, Syntysche Groverland who is the Associate Minister, give weekly Sunday sermons covering topics like the Law of Attraction, Unity Principles, Bible Secrets, and A Course in Miracles. Norma Groverland, Music Minister, and wife of Jack Groverland, leads the acclaimed Unity band and choir that accompanies these services. The services also include special music performed by local and national artists.