The Moment I Decided to Suspend All Judgment of Others is the Moment I Became Free

The Moment I Decided to Suspend All Judgment of Others is the Moment I Became Free

by Sierra Samuel

The moment I decided to suspend all judgment of others is the moment I became free. 

It is not easy to process emotions, feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, jealousy, or any other thoughts or feelings that may be born from the darkness of fear.  It is easier to project, blame and point the finger at those people outside of ourselves that we perceive to be the cause of our unhappiness and feelings of unworthiness.   

However, this viscous cycle of blame only breeds more hatred.  “Judge and you shall be judged”, said Jesus.  So, what is this simple lesson he taught?   It is a secret formula for happiness, for when we reverse it, what Jesus is really saying is…. “Judge not, and you shall NOT be judged.”

Can it really be that simple?  Truth is sometimes seen as foolish, because, yes, it can be quite simple, so simple in fact that it escapes us.   And from this notion, I say, that if we are a microcosm of the Universe, which it is in my instincts to believe that we are, then we are whole.  And, if we are whole, then none can exist outside us that we did not create ourselves.  Therefore, judge not your brother or sister, because they are merely reflections of who you are.  Judge them not and you shall be free from the self-judgement that keeps you in darkness and in suffering.  We have the capacity to be our own best friend and our own worst enemy depending on how we chose.  As for me, I chose love.  And for this, I am healed,  I am FREE. 

Serving, forgiving, and loving others, despite their imperfections, is loving, serving and forgiving yourself.   IT    REALLY    IS    THAT    SIMPLE  . . .


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