Unity of Boulder Voted “Best Place for Worship” in Boulder County

Unity of Boulder Voted “Best Place for Worship” in Boulder County

Unity of Boulder - Best Place for Worship 2015 - HS

Results for the BOCO Gold 2015 Vote were published in the September 20, 2015 Issue of the Daily Camera and Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center made first place for the category “Best Place for Worship”!  

About a week before the announcement was made, the Daily Camera came to take photos of the staff and interviewed Jack Groverland.  Here is what the Daily Camera said about Unity’s victory this year:

2015.09.20 - Daily Camera Article Photo



Their name says it all: Unity of Boulder is a family church center that emphasizes diversity, healing, and love for all. Head Minister Jack Groverland says the basic idea many people find so compelling is that their worship is experiential. “We advocate and support certain practices to help people realize their own divine possibilities. This helps them operate in the world with more peace, love, confidence and joy. We are teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around us, and opening our awareness and hearts to these opportunities to share love and harmony is what we are all about.”


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