'positive action' Tagged Posts

'positive action' Tagged Posts

Introducing the Spiritual Spelunkers Adventure Group

Calling All Adventurers! A new group is beginning this Sunday called the Spiritual Spelunkers. We are an adventure group for all ages, with our main focus on active indoor and outdoor events. Examples of possible events include rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, or camping, in and around the Boulder area. For our first activity, we will be indoor rock climbing. If you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy spiritual discussions, then this is the group for you!  Spiritual Spelunkers meets the…

We are All Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God

We are All Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God. We all share the breath of life. And, we all share in each other’s suffering. Let us all pray for the victims of the earthquakes in Mexico City and the hurricanes in the Caribbean. Let us give as we can to help our brothers and sisters so that they may have what they need to survive in this time of crisis.