Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

5 Essential Oils You Need for Your Emergency Kit

Here is an Healing Emergency Kit you can take with you everywhere, especially vacation.  It is made up of five essential oils. 

20160807_100154Clove Oil: toothache, skin infections, tension, headaches, and insect bites.  Rub a few drops on gums to relieve the pain, or a few drops on skin where needed.

Peppermint: indigestion, fever flue heartburn, menstrual irregularity, and vomiting.  (A few drops on tongue for indigestion, etc).  Also, if you feel a headache coming on, put a drop on each temple on your forehead, being careful to not to get to close to your eyes.

Lavendar: burns, sprains, bruises, insomnia, cramps, and rough skin spots.  (A few drops on outside of skin where there is a problem.)

Eucalyptus: coughs, sinuses, migraines, lungs, colds, allergies, hay fever, and ear inflammations.  (A drop under your nose and inhale or a few drops on skin where there is a problem.)

Oregano: powerful anti-infection agent.  Works against bacteria, fungus, micro bacteria, virus, and parasites.  Also good for respiratory, intestines, nerves, blood and lymphatic system.  (On skin only. And, dilute with olive oil if too strong for your skin.)

We have a variety of pure essential oils to choose from at our lovely Unity Gift Shop.  Also, I have create my own essential oils emergency kits that you can purchase there. The essential oils are handmade by me and bottled in travel-sized bottles for your convenience.  You can refill these bottles as needed, and they come in a pretty silk pouch that you can keep in your purse, or travel bag.  Call to reserve yours at 303-442-1411.  The sell out quickly!