Revelations of Christmas

Revelations of Christmas

Revelations are in essence difficult to accept immediately, because the expanded truths they import usually don’t fit in with our traditional beliefs. So it is with the deeper Truths of Christmas.

Christmas is made up of two words Christ AND Mass.
Christ identifies the God Self in you, the Eternal Spirit, which is your True Self. Mass means to assemble, to worship that which is Divine.

By this simple explanation, we can strip away all the theological theories and doctrinal confusion that has cloaked the Truth down through the centuries. We can make Christmas a “now experience” by realizing that the Christ of God is a Universal Spirit present in every person, not just one man confined to the history of 2000 years ago.

Christ is the potential Nature of God in everyone, the True Self of every person that comes into the world.

On Sunday at our 11am Service, I will reveal the Life-Transforming Truths of the Virgin birth, the manager, the shepherds and wisemen and the angels heralding the birth of Christ.

As Promised,
Jack Groverland

P.S. Be sure to attend our Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.
Every year Unity of Boulder performs a beautiful and heartfelt rendition of the season’s most meaningful and festive holiday music, complete with a drmatic musical version of the Christmas narrative and truths of the meaning of the season.

This year, our musical drama “The Miracles of Christmas”, will be performed by our acclaimed Unity Choir, Soloists, and Band. The production relates the physical and metaphysical Truths of the Christmas Story.


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