Mindfulness: A Yoga for Life

Mindfulness: A Yoga for Life

“Mindfulness: A Yoga For Life” by Jack Groverland

Proof of the Presence of God is what we want. Faith can open the door, but proof is required before anyone steps through the doorway into heaven.

Edgar Cayce, sometimes called, “the Sleeping Prophet”, was raised a devout Christian but his trance readings (which were responsible for thousands of documented miracles) led him to a higher Universal Understanding of God, Christ and The Purposes of Life.

On Faith, a person may accept Jesus and feel personally saved and special for awhile, but there is more to be understood before one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven which exists in the “here and now”, righ where Jesus said it is, as referenced in Luke 17:20-21.

True, Christ, the Divine Nature within, leads a mind that is wiling into the higher states of consciousness. here, in Divine Awareness, all peace, joy, love and happiness exist, proving the Presence of Heaven in everyday life. Now there is a simple, clear mental practice outlinec by A Course In Miracles that leads right into the heavenly consciousness. I will reveal this yoga at both the 9am and the 11am Sunday Services.

As promised,

Jack Groverland


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