The Truth of the Matter

The Truth of the Matter

“The Truth of the Matter,” a talk by Syntysche Groverland.

Within each of God’s children is a quickening that happens when the Soul of the child merges with its birth right as co-creator with that greater something that is in all, through all, and is all. Within this powerful potential resides the answers to any and all discord the Soul is witnessing from within and without; therefore the Soul can begin to express its own out picturing of healing, joy, friendship and success.

Divine ideas are planted as seeds in the consciousness by the great Master of life and will start to grow the Soul’s faith in all things ethereal, spiritual and holy. And by that faith, the manifestation of our dreams and all things hoped for becomes possible.

This Sunday, I will be speaking on the unseen, invisible ether that has a force and power that can move mountains, heal the sick, lift depression and even heal a troubled marriage. This sermon is for those who want the tools to move into their own divine expression, move away from the dramas of the world and bring healing to their life.

Your Friend on the Path,
Syntysche Groverland


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