The Good News

The Good News

A 5-week talk series “Answering the Call of the Soul” related by Jack Groverland & Syntysche Groverland. In this series, you will learn how to access the fount of wisdom in your soul – your path to freedom.

This week’s talk, by Jack and Syntysche is titled “The Good News”.

The Word of God is sometimes called the “Gospel Word.” Gospel means good tidings or good news. However, “the good” associated with God’s Word has been so misunderstood and misrepresented over the centuries people have become afraid to hear it – they inwardly believe, without ever embracing it, that the Word of God is bad news.

The Word of God has been used like some kind of inescapable series of Laws that condemn all the natural inclinations of human beings. All of this misrepresentation derives from false translations and interpretations of God’s word.

Fortunately, God’s word is written in our souls, so that each of us can access it directly and experience the wisdom and joy it has to impart – not so we can prepare ourselves for heaven and avoid hell, but so we can live our lives right where we are more effectively, beautifully, and happily. Heaven is a state of mind and it’s open to everyone who is willing to tune into the Word of God within.


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