The Call of the Mystic: Part 3

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3

“Man proposes and God disposes. This is a tongue in cheek statement, but at the same time those of us that have been on this spiritual journey have learned that whenever we have an attachment to a specific outcome it is an assured way to watch it disappear in front of our eyes and still at the same time we make our programs and lay out our plans.

A mystic is not particular about it. He is working on the plan which is laid out already and he knows that there is a plan. He may not know the plan in detail; but if anyone can and will know the plan, it is the mystic. This again tells us something: that the one who knows little, knows most; and those who seem to know more, know the least.” –Unknown author

I have been a Prosperity Teacher for over 16-years, teaching the tools of the Law of Attraction, what we hold in thought, what we affirm to be, the vibration we hold around any certain circumstance or feeling we will attract back to us. Well this goes against the Mystic’s calling or does it?

In this Sermon, I pick apart the truth between these two powerful paths and I will demonstrate how they are more alike than not alike.

As Promised,
Syntysche Groverland


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