The Call of the Mystic: Part 1

The Call of the Mystic: Part 1

What is a mystic?

People say that a mystic is someone who dreams and who lives in the clouds; my answer to this is that the real mystic stands on earth, but his head is in heaven. It is not true that the wise man is not intellectual, or that the wise man is not clever. A clever man is not necessarily wise, but the one who has the higher knowledge has no difficulty in gaining knowledge of worldly things. It is the man who has knowledge of worldly things only who has great difficulty in absorbing the higher knowledge.

“Mysticism is neither a faith nor a belief, nor is it a principle or a dogma. A mystic is born; being a mystic means having a certain temperament, a certain outlook on life. It is for this reason that many are confused by the word mystic, because mysticism cannot be explained in plain words.” –Unknown Author

In this Sermon, I do my best to explain in plain words what most say is impossible. How does anyone explain the unseen realms of existence? I will attempt to describe my experience with some very special people throughout my life who did seek, by contemplation and self-surrender, to obtain unity with God and the absolute. They impacted so many, including myself by sharing their journey through words and through their heightened vibration, the truths they discovered beyond the intellect. From my vantage point, to be a mystic is attainable by all, it is a practice of Faith, it is the committing whole-heartedly to a path of un-learning, a journey they taught me. I know you might think that that was a typo. This talk is on “The path of Un-Learning.”