When Something Just isn’t Right

When Something Just isn’t Right

“When Something Just Isn’t Right,” by Shad Groverland.

If you’re not happy, if something just doesn’t seem right, then maybe it isn’t. Perhaps what you are feeling is trying to tell you something. Your intuition is a sort of inner compass that tells you what is needed in each moment. Tuning into that higher wisdom and guidance takes practice. And, the first step before you can tune IN is to tune OUT. Tuning out the negative voices, or inferior thoughts that create doubt and fear, needless anxiety and worry – learning to tune all of that out takes faith.

No matter how real the illusion seems we have to have courage to let it go so that we can focus on the truth of our inner being which is calling us to a greater awareness, a higher calling, and a better understanding of life. When we learn to trust our intuition, our confusion about who we are fades, and we discover that Christ light within that brings forth a knowing and a peace like nothing else. This Sunday, I am going to teach you how to lose the ego so you can find the Soul – how to lose the fear so you can find your purpose and start to trust yourself.


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