The Law of Attraction and the Shortcut to Prosperity

The Law of Attraction and the Shortcut to Prosperity

“The Law of Attraction and the Shortcut to Prosperity” by Jack Groverland

Esther and Jerry Hicks accessing (what they claim is) the non-physical consciousness called Abraham, explained that the two subjects most chronically affected by the Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being.

Keep in mind that Esther and Jerry were students of Napoleon Hill, who wrote ten books on the subject of The Law of Attraction, health, wealth and happiness in your life, with a strong emphasis on attaining financial independence.

And before Napoleon Hill, there was James Allen who’s books taught in essence (I quote) “You will realize the vision, not idle wish, of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you always attract that which you secretly must love.”

Also, at the turn of the century, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity wrote, “There is an immutable law behind all healing. God is Love and Love manifests as Life. We must, however, by our words and acts acknowledge this all-powerful law as the manifesting factor in our lives.”

This Sunday at our 10:00am Service, I will reveal the essential Truth of all the above teachings, a shortcut to financial independence and physical well-being.

As Promised,
Jack Groverland


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