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“The Here-Now Revelation”

Unity of Boulder is a non-profit church that relies solely on the donations of the people who make this ministry possible. We have many different ways you can give at Unity of Boulder. INFO: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/ Our Prayer Team is here for you too: https://unityofboulder.com/about/prayer/ Thank you for your adding your consciousness and support to our Unity of Boulder Community. Special Guest Musical Performance by singer-songwriter Steve Hoffman. https://www.facebook.com/steven.hoffm…

“The Here-Now Revelation” 9 AM service

Unity of Boulder is a non-profit church that relies solely on the donations of the people who make this ministry possible. We have many different ways you can give at Unity of Boulder. INFO: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/ Our Prayer Team is here for you. You can submit healing prayer requests for loved ones and those in need at https://unityofboulder.com/about/prayer/ The first Video featured during the Talk is “Gratitude” A Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg. https://youtu.be/cpkEvBtyL7M Thank you for your support of Unity…

‘Behold, I Make All Things New’

Spirit, has put a new song into our mouths, and we must sing it. The mountains and the hills break forth before us into singing, and we cannot resist. Praise is our ever new delight; let us meet the new year with optimism and new sight. In praise we will join with angels and archangels, for their guidance and their help.

“Life Transforming Wisdom”

Reasoning power is a must when it comes to dealing with the everyday challenges of life.  Unfortunately, there are many challenges in life that our ordinary reasoning ability is not adequate to deal with–wisdom, which is Divine in origin must be accessed.  I am referring to such challenges as relationship problems, certain unexpected financial problems, many health problems such as anxiety, fatigue, digestion and many others.

‘ The Birth of God’s Son in You ‘

Your purpose in life, your destiny, is to awaken to your Divine Self or Divine Nature.  Yes, we are all created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26) but we, each one whose soul incarnated into the dimension of world has lost the awareness of his/her Divine Nature.

‘ The Missing Revelation ‘

A lesser known guru, Sri Vishibraman, believed he could enlighten everyone in a crowd of people using what he said was the most enlightening story in the whole Bible.  This all happened a few years ago, but Sri Vishibraman was only able to bring enlightenment to just two people of the seventy five people who participated.  Most of the seventy-three others claimed that two people claiming to be enlightened were faking it.  Thus, the guru never became well know and…

‘The Miracle of Christmas’

“Now is the time…”   People thought Jesus didn’t respect the old law because He fulfilled it so easily, and Hi did such amazing things.  Sight was restored to the blind, hungry multitudes were miraculously fed, even the dead were brought back to life.  Everywhere He went He left a trail of puzzling miracles in His wake.

Ep.18 Am I my sister’s keeper?

When you see something wrong who’s responsibility is it to fix? What happens when you say “someone should fix that”? Who is that someone? Also what does dog poop and sprinkler systems have to do with our practice to becoming the best versions of ourselves?

‘ The Sacred Place of the Most High ‘

People travel far and wide to sacred shrines, temples and holy places ever attempting to encounter the Presence of God.  Others have traveled to ashrams in India and the mountains of Tibet to find and enlightened guru who will open their hearts and minds to the enlightened state of consciousness.  I have traveled to a few sacred places in Israel which were interesting, but evoked no holy awareness.

Ep.17 Health & Spirituality

Does the physical body come into play when it comes to a spiritual practice? What aspects of physical health help or hurt as it relates to our spirituality? In episode 17 our hosts jump into just those questions!

“The Freedom of a Forgiving Heart”

This talk is not only on forgiveness but also on building faith in this greater power we call Source, Spirit, God, so that we can start to attempt to let go of our judgments and upsets towards the world and give them to the higher creative energies to be returned to where they came from in the first place, (Illusion, Ego).

“Divine Surrender”

It is the hope of the Masters in every age that by feeding a person’s intellect partial portions of Truth, he/she will become more and more hungry for the Whole Truth, which only the indwelling, seldom consulted Holy Spirit can bestow.

Ep.16 Gratitude

Gratitude might be something we unknowingly take for granted (pun intended) and our hosts are going to set the record straight on what the true essence of gratitude is. #podcast#podcasthumor#sundayfunday#christianpodcast#unity#progressivechristianity#progressivechristian#progressivepodcast#newthought#christianradioUnity Worldwide Ministries#thanksgiving#gratitude#grateful#thanksgiving2020Unity of Boulder Church #agape#spiritual#spiritualnotreligious#nondenominational


At Unity we are a community of spiritual seekers, that are discovering the deep mysteries of the Universe and as we awaken to this mystical life we are no longer thrown around by the ebb and flow of the outer world–we are deeply rooted in our Unity with the Creator and Sustainer of all life.