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“Divine Surrender”

It is the hope of the Masters in every age that by feeding a person’s intellect partial portions of Truth, he/she will become more and more hungry for the Whole Truth, which only the indwelling, seldom consulted Holy Spirit can bestow.

Ep.16 Gratitude

Gratitude might be something we unknowingly take for granted (pun intended) and our hosts are going to set the record straight on what the true essence of gratitude is. #podcast#podcasthumor#sundayfunday#christianpodcast#unity#progressivechristianity#progressivechristian#progressivepodcast#newthought#christianradioUnity Worldwide Ministries#thanksgiving#gratitude#grateful#thanksgiving2020Unity of Boulder Church #agape#spiritual#spiritualnotreligious#nondenominational


At Unity we are a community of spiritual seekers, that are discovering the deep mysteries of the Universe and as we awaken to this mystical life we are no longer thrown around by the ebb and flow of the outer world–we are deeply rooted in our Unity with the Creator and Sustainer of all life.

“The Secret Power Of Pre-Thanks”

As children, we were all reminded by our parents and close relatives to say thanks whenever a person gave us a gift, or some help or advice.  As adults, most of us do automatically say thanks for kindnesses received from others.  Yet, after countless centuries of evolution we human have missed, almost completely, thpower of ‘pre-thanks’.  You will blow your own mind when you begin the spiritual practice of giving thanks for things you would like to have in your…

Ep.15 Healing the Divide

Everyone is talking about how divided we are as a country, as a community, as a people, but who is talking about how to fix it? In this episode, Shad & Melissa dive into some first steps to bring us back together and finding the middle.

“Recovering Your Essential Self”

If you don’t feel free of worry and fear it is because your mind has been polluted with false concepts and beliefs.  Buried beneath these concepts and beliefs is your soul, created in the image and likeness of God, filled with light-wisdom and the power of Love.  You incarnated into this physical world to make manifest the Divine Attributes of your soul and share the Life-Healing Love and Joy of personal resurrection with all others.

Ep.14 Spiritual Privilege

Do people struggling economically rely on religion more? Isn’t the point of gratitude and manifestation just to get more things? Are we only able to do that because our basic needs are met? This week we talk about the concept of spirituality as a privilege.

‘How to Attain True Happiness’

True happiness is an “inside job” culminating in a higher state of mind. This higher state of mind is your true but higher reality. Consider this paragraph from A Course In Miracles (Text pg. 233) which explains the new consciousness which gives rise to the higher happiness.

‘The Ego and the Present Moment’

Remember, Jesus said, “You are in the world, not of it!” The ego, without activating the GPS (God Positioning System), will get caught up in the dramas of the worldly and will tire and can lead to self-destructive behaviors.Claim your inner God given power to conquer the lower nature behaviors of self-destruction and let your inner God given power guide you onto the path of righteousness.

‘Our Vision For A New World!’

If there is anything that many of us have learned in this year of 2020, is that in a blink of an eye, everything can change and this time it wasn’t a personal experience, but a collective experience of change.

Ep.11 Do Affirmations Work?

Do affirmations work?What’s the point of positive thinking? Is there a right way to do it? What about wishing for that yacht? Does this mean I’ll get it? Is there more to it? In episode 11 Shad and Melissa dive into affirmations and the power of positive thinking.

‘Paying Attention to Mystical Peace’

In whatever circumstances you find yourself, whether you are happy and have peace of mind or if you are unhappy and distraught, you have chosen such by what you are giving your attention to.  For what you are giving attention to, be it positive and uplifting or fear-based and debilitating, is the result of what your mind keeps focusing upon.   With a little effort you can refocus your mind on what provides wisdom, healing and peace, your higher self,…

Ep.10 Birth & Death

Episode 10 Trying to keep it light around here – LOL Today we discuss birth, death, reincarination, the will to live (or the desire to not die). What are your beliefs about this important subject? Have you heard of bardo? Why did Melissa put a longshot bet on the 49ers to win the superbowl last year? All that and more! #reincarnation #podcast #christian #buddhism #unity

‘Life Enhancing Truth’ 11Am Service

From the author and spiritual teacher, James Allen,   “As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract.  you are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.You cannot escape the results of your thoughts, but you can endure and learn, can accept and be glad.You will realize the vision (not idle wish) of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you always gravitate…