Merging with the Holy Relationship

Merging with the Holy Relationship

Vibrationally, all of us go through phases where we wonder why we can’t get a break with anyone or anything. We think if there is any more discord in our life, we could simply crumble. It is at times like these that the Universe is asking us to seek the kingdom within us and quiet ourselves into the silence. 

There is a well of knowledge for the changing tide for anyone who is willing to leave their limited human experience and enter the magic of their spiritual form with limitless wisdom and without beginning or end.

The world outside of us is very noisy and it demands our attention constantly –and so we have to become keenly aware of the vibration we are bringing to any given relationship and seek what the Truth is and allow ourselves to be set free.

In this message, Rev. Syntysche speaks about bringing that silent knowledge into our Holy relationship with ourselves and Spirit — cultivating an holy relationship within our marriages, work, family and friends.