“Meditation,” a talk by Jack Groverland, is week 2 of the talk series “Answering the Call of the Soul.”

Isaiah 30:15 says: “In returning (the mind) to quietness and rest, you shall be saved.”

The benefits of meditation exceed those of any other discipline. Since the beginning of time, sages of every historic age have advocated for the practice of meditation – calling it “the pathway to health, wealth and wisdom.”

Recently, scientists have taken up the research of meditation practice and have published the many benefits of it, from healing anxiety and depression to weight loss and improved mental and physical abilities.

Besides all of these benefits, meditation opens the mind to its divine nature – the Soul. Once you learn to access Soul awareness, you will join the masters in leading a fearless, joy-filled life “here and now” and “here after.”

On Sunday, at both the 9:00am and 11:00am services, I will explain how and why meditation works and how to use my own simple meditation technique to gain immediate results.

As Promised,
Jack Groverland



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