Looking for Signs from God

Looking for Signs from God

I was talking to a young person in his early 20’s recently, and he was going through a very uninspired phase in his life, where he wasn’t feeling the touch of Spirit’s guidance. He came to me a bit heated and frustrated towards God and he wanted answers.

This young man grew up in Unity through our Sunday School and Youth Department, so he was well versed in his questions for me.

Question 1:  How do you define what God, Spirit, Source is and how can I get in touch with her, him, it?

Question 2:  Syntysche, how do you know that you haven’t been fooled all this time and you just think you are experiencing God in your life and in fact you have made it all up in your mind?

Question 3:  I know Unity doesn’t believe in some distant God in the sky and refers to it as a Divine Energy, a Divine Force that moves in and through everything in our lives…but what if it’s just energy moved by cause and effect and is not actually Intelligent?

In this message, I will be answering the above questions in a tale of witnessed miracles in my own life and others. I will be sharing a moment when God appeared so strongly, that it was palpable in every fiber of my being and has never left my life since.

This talk is for anyone who is feeling a little off course on their spiritual journey, or would like to cultivate a deeper relationship with this greater power that lives within you, that Unity calls God, Spirit, Source – whatever word makes you feel held and loved.