Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God

When I returned from my travels this Summer, having had a much needed rest where I turned my phone off and unplugged from my busy career, from those I counsel as well as my friends – I turned towards my family, my children, my husband, my brothers, my parents seeking solace and peace from the ones I feel most seen and loved. 

This was the ending of a long year of change where I have been observing life in the presence, sitting in neutral waiting on Spirit’s call and direction for the next phase of my life. I’ve been standing at the threshold breathing, intently listening for inner signals of what’s next for me, for my life, for my family. There was no crisis that brought on all this honest internal asking or longing. I think people might say it looks like “Syntysche may be in a midlife crisis!” I’m not saying it’s not that or it is that. No matter what, it has been a deepening into my inner consciousness that I wouldn’t change for anything or anyone. 

On my arrival home when my phone was turned back on, it dinged nonstop, texts, emails, phone messages. It felt overwhelming, could my new-found acceptance of the not knowing what’s next and living in a state of this moment, going to be enough to help my friends, my clients, my work. 

I opened my Bible and read “Do not dwell on the past, Behold, I am doing a New thing!” Isaiah 43. 

Behold, means to stand in awe and amazement. The words spoken by God is a message of faith that brought the people out of their seventy-year captivity into liberation. God was calling His people out from the old and into the new. He was calling things that were not already happening and giving thanks as if they were already happening. As far as God was concerned, it was already done.