I Am Here as a Joyful Creator

I Am Here as a Joyful Creator

“God, as deliberate, spontaneous, intelligence does not act for you but through you, being in you. It is very important that you understand this subtle but decisive difference.” -Eva Pierrakos 

The moment we lose touch with God as creator through us is when we get off course and lose our way in our work, in our marriages, in our parenting, etc.

But in this moment when we decide that things are not going in the direction we are longing for, it is as simple as picking a new vibration that matches your desires. But you can’t fake this! This decision asks you to include the greater potential within, and leaving your old habits, of negative thought and speech behind.

Joy has an attracting quality. Find something you have joy about in your life and ponder and bask in that vibration today and watch how Spirit’s answers to your questions start to appear, through visions, whispers, intuitive hits in your heart. And continue and deepen this connection by listening to this sermon, for a heart lifting talk by Syntysche Groverland, our powerful in-house Prosperity Minister for the last 14 years.


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