God has entrusted us with the care of his/her creation

God has entrusted us with the care of his/her creation

Indigenous peoples have always possessed an innate sense of our deep connection to the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. We have always known that a tree is alive and has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have always known that the waters and the winds are our lifeblood and that the power of the fire is to be respected. We have always known how important it is to our future generations that we live our lives humbly and in balance and with respect for Mother Earth.

Our environment is one of the greatest examples we have of God’s power. The word environment encompasses all of God’s most beautiful and awesome works. The environment is God’s Creation, a precious and holy resource with which God entrusted all humans the loving care and wise use of. God asked all humans to be stewards of the environment.

This is for my daughter Arenia, in response to a cry within her that she shared with me last week and has haunted my heart ever since. This is for my son Tylor and daughter Cahtyah, my unborn grandchildren and my great-grandchildren, that they will have a fruitful planet to live and thrive on.

Rev. Syntysche