Engaging Faith as a Catalyst for Transformation and Healing

Engaging Faith as a Catalyst for Transformation and Healing

“Engaging Faith as a Catalyst for Transformation and Healing,” by Syntysche Groverland.

We cannot always know the larger meaning of our circumstances at the time we experience them. What may seem to be a terrible event may turn out to be the catalyst for our highest possible good. By using our free will, we always have the choice to experience greater good.

This last week, I went through a purification process not by my own choice but by the Universe’s choice. It was a long time coming and finally by my merely avoiding it long enough, it caught up to me and stopped me in my tracks for several days.

Paul Ferrini says that when you don’t make the changes in your life that are necessary, your soul gets restless. It doesn’t trust your ego structure to run your life. So, it makes its own plans, the pressure inside builds up and, without warning an earthquake is unleashed that forces you to change. This is not an ideal way to operate.

Just like a caterpillar knows when his life as an eight- legged creature is no longer functional, he crawls into the cocoon that will transform his life.

Human beings are no different. We need change. Old forms must be retooled or discarded. Our lives do not shine energetically if we do not constantly recharge our batteries or find new challenges.

In this sermon, I Syntysche shares a powerful secret that I discovered through the life changing experience I had last week!



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