At Home in Your Own Skin

At Home in Your Own Skin

“At Home in Your Own Skin.” A talk by Jack Groverland, minister at Unity of Boulder. 

Henry David Thoreau’s famous quote published in 1854 rings truer today than ever before: 

“Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” 

Only, it’s not so quiet today, for people are using drugs and alcohol indiscriminately to quell anxiety, in many cases causing worse mental and physical conditions for themselves and everyone around them. Mental and physical doctors are trying to fill in for the Omnipresent Intelligence and Love of which we are all a part, the Intelligence at the core of our being, the Intelligence that has been replaced and made dormant by our lack of faith. 

Aligning with and feeling the Presence Divine will heal all mental disorders resulting from faithless thinking and living. Human intellect (reasoning) and all the refined fast living technology will never be able to restore you to well-being and peace of mind. 

There will never be a faith app.

You will have to learn the life-transforming practice of “Faith-Centering”. This Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center at 10:00am. Invite a friend to join you for this consciousness-transformingpresentation. 

As Promised,

Jack Groverland


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