Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Are You Ready to Live Your Hero’s Journey?

The Summer is flying by, do you feel that you have taken full advantage of the beautiful weather and taken time away from your day to day schedule and gone on vacation or into nature? 

There is nothing that helps us grow like getting into an unfamiliar place, and being in a state of allowance for inspiration and vision of a brighter and better life. Where spiritual experiences find you, aha moments of the heart happen just when you are not expecting it. You might find you are more sensitive to everything around you, the smells, the sights and the sounds.

You may find yourself standing at the entrance of a hiking trail or standing in the center of a Cathedral, or in the sanctuary at Unity or simply walking on a pedestrian mall when a strong sense of wonder floods the body, mind and soul and the feeling is everything, like all is right in the world and all of sudden your tears solidify that a natural phenomenon is moving you and merging you on to your next divine adventure in living.

A sermon on getting out of your own way, your own thoughts of what you think you should be doing and being next. A reminder that there is a Divine force that is calling you to step out of your comfort zone and to do something you have never done before.