Applying the Power of Now

Applying the Power of Now

“Applying the Power of Now,” by Senior Minister, Jack Groverland.

I have spoken with people who say they have read “The Power of Now,” but still have no idea how to apply the NOW spiritual practice (a.k.a. “Now Yoga”) in their busy lives. They admit they would like to know how the Now Yoga works and to have a simple description on how to practice it.

On Sunday at 10:00am, using Eckhart Tolle’s own language, I will reveal the essential revelation of the Power of Now and a simple but effective way to apply the Now Yoga, no matter how busy your life is.

Even if you’ve never read the book, or never thought to apply Now Yoga, my talk on Sunday will give you at least one powerful insight that you can apply immediately, that will benefit your life.

Your friend on the path,
Jack Groverland


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