Affirming God’s Presence in Every Aspect of Life

Affirming God’s Presence in Every Aspect of Life

At the highest moments and even at the most difficult times, we have the ability to affirm our innate relationship with the one energy that lifts us into a fresh understanding of what is being called for this next awakened stage on our journey. There is never an absence of God, Source or Spirit – whatever word that calls wholeness within you. It is the lack of welcoming the I AM into the vibration of your intentions that makes us fall flat and sometimes even have us questioning whether the existence of this greater potential, this greater love is with us at all.

Affirming I AM happy, I AM healing, I AM Grateful are a sure way to cultivate a practice that can turn an ill time back to your innate birth right which is prosperity in action as you.

Remember and communicate what you want to create, whether it be through thoughts held in mind, the spoken word or by your clear feeling center. You are the one that is amazing here and nothing can stop you when you believe this.

Your Friend on the Path,

Syntysche Groverland


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