Videos from August 2021

Videos from August 2021

‘Words Have The Power To Hurt or Heal’

This is the second talk of a 5 talk, series, on getting back to the basics, of the Unity Philosophy. Last week the sermon topic was, “Your Visualization, Can Make It Real”.This week at Unity, Syntysche Groverland will be speaking on the power of our words, the manifesting opportunity that is available to us, by observing what we have been saying about our lives, about our experiences and observing what we have received from that sharing with others and ourselves.…

‘Awakening In A Higher Dimension’

Awakening from a long sleep in physical awareness requires mindfulness. There is a way of contemplating the True Laws governing life that opens the mind to Spiritual Well Being and Enlightened Living in the world. At Unity’s 9AM MST Sunday Meditation Service we will consider two separate enlightened sources which reveal and release the flaw in human consciousness that blocks healing, insight and peace of mind. Thank you for your ongoing support of Unity of Boulder.If you are feeling called…

“Visualization Can Make It Real”

“Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thoughts.” Science has proven that visualization actually develops in the brain the same possibility as if you were actually doing what you are seeing in your mind’s eye.

“Personal Awakening”

You can know the solution to the great human problem and any other problem confronting you personally–BECAUSE YOU CAN KNOW WHAT GOD KNOWS, IF YOU’RE WILLING TO KNOW. Join our New 10 Week Class & Satsang with Meditation for Personal Awakening, every Sunday at Unity’s 9AM MST Service (on a donation basis).

Ep. 38 Conscious Parenting

Guest Ogun Holder helps us explore the wild and unpredictable world of parenting. The Author of Rants to Revelations fits right into our model of not taking the monstrous task of parenting all too seriously. We start to slip down the rabbit hole of intention vs impact of our words… Also ended up spending more time on children cursing than I thought we would… Great listen for sure. Leave us your comments and let Melissa know where she’s going wrong. 

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”

Do you remember the moment, when you realized you were one with everyone and everything, that there was an un-seen energy that connected you to all of it. Where this human form melted away, and your spirit emerged from its shell? This is the moment of emergence, with the fountain of eternal life, the source and center of it all, and in this awareness, everything is well, and right and harmonious as you remembered who you truly are and where…

“Claiming Our Superpowers for Health & Happiness”

As the Dalai Lama always hoped, science and spirituality are now reflecting and reinforcing each other. Neuroscience is showing that we have tremendous inner capacities for powers that can bring us not only greater focus and effectiveness, but complete health and well-being for the body and mind. And with these inner discoveries comes greater love and compassion for all the world around us. The best news of all is that we can have access to these potentials quickly and easily,…

“Proof of the Divine”

‘Proof of the Divine: What Woo-Woo Moms Have Taught Me’Woo-Woo Moms are moms who never believed in anything “woo-woo” until their child crossed into the Divine and then came back vividly through visions, dreams, signs and conversations. These experiences forever changed their understanding of reality, showed them the importance of a heart-centered life, and gave them personal proof of and spiritual connection to the divine.