Videos from April 2021

Month: April 2021

Ep. 31 Moving through change

Change happens all around us all the time. It happens in relationships, workplaces, housing, school, etc. It can be difficult, or fun, or scary. But what can we do about it? What’s the best way to move through change with grace? Joining Shad & Melissa is Diana Kennedy from Unity Worldwide Ministries to give us her take!

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“To Be Free, Or Not To Be!”

If you look at every heroic journey, the hero usually has been confronted with the fact that the world that they thought was reality, was nothing more than an illusion. And that is why we have this longing, this inner call to step out of our comfort zones, confront the fretful or stagnant energy we are experiencing, and identify the illusion that is taking our freedom away. Join Syntysche Groverland for a powerful, inspirational Talk!

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Ep. 30 Mass Shootings. Who is Responsible?

Ep. 30 Mass Shootings…Who is Responsible? With a few more mass shootings in the news, Shad & Melissa take on the very serious subject of mass shootings. Everyone is looking to point fingers, who deserves the blame? Can we stop the chaos? If not, how do we manage it? Are we planning for the higher good of a situation or the worst-case scenario? How do you manage to stay safe without living in fear? Join us as we delve into

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