Videos from 2020 (Page 4)

Videos from 2020 (Page 4)

Storm Proof: Stop Apologizing for Who You Truly Are

This is the second talk in a series of five. Click here to see the first talk. In the previous talk in the series “Storm Proof,” I spoke about the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, our Soul (how it never dies) and Psychic Phenomena. The goal of last week’s message was to stimulate memories to help identify experiences that show we are not only our human bodies. Our souls are expansive and aware of much more than the five senses.  This…

Be Transformed Now

Clarified from the original scripture in Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to the thinking of the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove to yourself (by direct experience) what is the enlightened will of God, what will bring peace, healing and goodness to your life now.” The wisdom of two present-day masters will be related on the fast way to the Enlightened Consciousness. At the core of your being is your True…

Sex and Spirituality

Sex is a powerful thing! With the ability to create life and destroy politicians, we have all seen sex in its most beautiful and ugliest expressions. So what is the role of sex in our lives, especially for those of us on the spiritual path? Join us to find out.

Storm Proof: Securing Your Spiritual Foundation in a World of Radical Unknowingness

I know as a spiritual seeker, joined with so many like-minded people, that it isn’t a coincidence we are walking together on this planet at this time. There is a greater picture being revealed to us as we move through these dark days for our planet and world. We are the change we are seeking and we must do everything we can to change the trajectory in which we are headed. I know we all feel the call to assist…

Healing Yourself Using “Holy Instant” Awareness

It seems to us (conditioned by the thinking of the world) that most things in life take time. You need time to finish your education. Or time to create and build your business. Time to exercise. Time to shop. Time to brush your teeth. Time to work or play, etc. However, to gain the most valuable thing in life, “Enlightened Knowing” in each moment as it arises, you need to learn how to enter the “Holy Instant.”  As author Eckhart Tolle relates…

Beyond the Binary

How do we navigate our interactions and conversations in this rapidly changing world of language and personal identity? Perhaps the answer lies in how we interact with God.

The Answer to Your Prayer for Healing

Excerpts Between a Unity Member and Rev. Jack (Shared with permission of member). MEMBER: How can I know the will of God? MINISTER: How do you think knowing the will of God will help you? MEMBER: It will help to heal my chronic anxiety and ulcers. MINISTER: How long have your been a Unity member? MEMBER: For over 5 years. MINISTER: Have the Truths we teach helped you at all? MEMBER: Somewhat, but there’s so much to learn and practice…

The Body Builder

Where does the human body come from? Most of us don’t really know…exactly. When children ask, “Where do babies come from?” our answers tend to be evasive or misleading because even as adults, we just don’t really know. Forget the stork or the birds and the bees, let’s talk about the origin of the human body. 

Every Morning We are Born Again: Week 5 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

Every morning we are born again. Today is what matters most. The Buddha The Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge Talk Series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances–bringing more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundation for an awakened life in 2020. In this video, I will speak about learning to live in a a state of “surrender,” because letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only…

It’s Time to Know the Healing Truth

All the conditions and experiences you encounter in Life, and which when pleasing seem Good, and which when displeasing seem evil, derive from your flawed definition of yourself and Life. For you are not self-created and your seeming separate mind is but a microcosmic fragment of the One Mind that creates you and all the circumstances you encounter. It is this One Mind, we call God, that draws you into alignment with It that you may share in Its Healing Love, Wisdom…

The Four-Letter Word

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 The book of John references this “Word” as if everyone is supposed to already know what that is. Well John, what is the “Word”? In this video, we will be diving deep into the metaphysics of creation & our human origin story.

Spirit Never Stops Working: Week 4 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

The Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge Talk Series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances–bringing more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundation for an awakened life in 2020. In this video, I talk about Divine nature – whether we’re dancing and being within that miracle-led life, or whether we are giving our life force energy away. Too often we give our energy to places that bring stress, panic…

Transcending Trouble: Luck, Karma & the Stars

The Master of Life stated in John 16:13 “I have said this to you, that in me you may have Peace. In the world you have tribulation (ongoing trouble); but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (of trouble).” No one doubts that everyone experiences trouble in the world, but just about everyone believes their troubles are caused by people and circumstances outside themselves. Quite often people define trouble as karma, bad luck or the result of some…

The Prayer of Faith

Did you know that there is a flawless spiritual tool that will absolutely transform your life? We will look at this tool in this talk, and discover why it has evaded us for so long. 

Lost Connections: Week 3 of the Ultimate 2020 Consciousness Challenge

This series is about creating a clear plan and setting goals for long term success in healing relationships, finances, more harmony, more joy and happiness for planting a strong foundations for an awakened 2020! In the first talk of this series, I spoke to the importance of a forgiveness practice as a pathway for greater good to enter your life. In the second talk, I spoke about the Illumination of Spirit within as a means of drawing more of the…

Joy is the Proof

French sage, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wrote this profound statement of Truth: “Joy is the proof of the Presence of God.” Since God is Omnipresent (Everywhere Present) and everyone is part of God, everyone should have joy all the time. However, most people seldom have joy. Thus, de Chardin’s s statement only becomes completely True is we add three words:“Joy is the proof of the awareness of the Presence of God.”  Looking at all the conflict, corruption and violence in the world, you may…

12 Powers in You

Innate within each of us are the 12 power centers designed to facilitate our spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to use them or are completely unaware of them. This results in a life lacking the energy and focus to excel. In this talk, we will reveal these powers and learn how they can awaken in our lives.

The Golden Rule Declassified

Very few of us actually live the Golden Rule, even though almost all of us know it and recognize its value. So why is that!? Have you ever considered that maybe we all know it, but we don’t truly understand it? Join me as we declassify the hidden Truth of this “rule” and get to the bottom of what it really means. 

The 2020 Consciousness Challenge: Part 2

[This message is split into two videos: Part 1 and Part 2.] Take the 2020 Consciousness Challenge! Create a clear plan, then set goals for long term success in healing relationships and finances. Create more harmony, more joy and happiness as a foundation for planting the seeds of an abundant 2020! Did you know that whatever you long to experience outside of you is an aspect of yourself wanting to be birthed? Dr. Jane Simmons Check out the other talks in…