Videos from August 2020

Videos from August 2020

Ep.4 Do Hallucinogens make you more Spiritual?

In this episode we welcome our guest Caley who joined us to talk about #hallucinogens and #spirituality. ***This is in no way an endoresement for the use of drugs, or any controlled subtances, but rather a discussion about those who have used them for spiritual purposes.*** With the wide range of views presented in this episode, you are sure to be intrigued.

Lost & Found

Envision a life lived in limitless expansion of consciousness and possibility! Jesus taught that man lives in two worlds — not in succession, but concurrently. He lives in the world of appearances, the three-dimensional world of form and shape, time and space — the world where we have fluctuating experiences of sickness and health, of peace and war, of harmony and chaos. However, man also lives in a spiritual world as a spiritual being. Jesus says, ‘Don’t be misled in…

Healing Consciousness

A true story is told of a vagrant in England who froze to death in a hotel dumpster trying to escape a blizzard. When his body was taken to the local marque they found a thousand pound note (equivalent to 4 five hundred dollar bills at the time) in the pocket of his pants. Why he didn’t use the money to get out of the blizzard can only be explained by the fact that he didn’t know the money was…