Videos from December 2019

Videos from December 2019

The Ultimate 2020 Challenge

Look into your future at what you desire in your life for the next year and put God to the test. Do this inner work as a means of awakening your innate ability of cultivating the life of your dreams. We live similar lives, year after year, because we aren’t committed to changing old behaviors and thought patterns. This creates the same results over and over. Maybe you don’t feel worthy, or you may doubt the majesty and manifesting power of…

The Gift of Awakening

Any gift we could receive from the world will ultimately fail to fulfill us. Deep down we all know this. Still, like pre-programmed robots, we constantly pursue the seeming treasures of the world and wonder why what we gain is never enough. In Truth, there is but one gift that fulfills our lives and it is the gift of Divine Awakening. With this gift we receive a New Vision of Life in the world and the understanding how to live…

Seeing the Unseen

We spend our days in the familiar world of the five senses, but what lies beyond that, if anything, we have no idea. A vast world is waiting to be explored. But most of us are happy to stay where we are. We may even be a bit afraid to venture into the unknown. What would be the point? we ask. Why should we leave the familiar world we know? Yet there are a few who are not content to…

The Mystical Truth of the Christmas Story

If Christmas has no other foundation save in sentimentality, pleasant carols and department store imagery, then there is no hope of happiness and peace for you and no hope for our un-sick world. Never before have people been more in need of knowing the mystical revelations in the Christmas Story. These revelations will be accompanied by a life-transforming meditation.

Jesus’ Last Name is Not Christ

Most of us know that we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. But very few of us know about the birth of Christ. If we don’t know there’s is a difference between Christ & Jesus, then we definitely don’t understand the difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ. Yes, those names refer to different things. And this Saturday we will unravel what they are and how it all relates to Christmas.

Discover the Majesty of Life in Everything

This is the Season for giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives…a Season for giving to friends and family…a Season filled with Gratitude for all of the Love and Beauty they bring into our lives….a time to reflect upon the past year, the beauty learned, meaning gained…the leaving of limited experiences and feelings behind. Every day we have the opportunity to discover the majesty of life in everything, in unexpected ways – through smiles from strangers’ babies to…

How to Pray Effectively Every Time

Everyone who ever tried to use prayer to ask for something has experienced what appears to be failure. This is not only true in connection with specific things that might be harmful, but also in connection with requests that are strictly in line (with the goals) of A Course In Miracles. A Course In Miracles, Chapter 9 It could be hastily concluded that prayer doesn’t work. The fact is that prayers are always answered, but most people bring such confusion…

Trapped in Sense Consciousness

This week, we are exploring Sense Consciousness. We will discuss what it is, what it means to be trapped in it, how that affects the world around us, and what we can do to find our way out of it.

Curiosity is the First Step Down the Path to Awakening

When we stop being curious, we dam up the possibility of a new age, a new creation or dreaming a new world into being. Your life is supposed to feel good to you. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived; and a source of continuous revelation. Join Rev. Syntysche for an inspirational talk about the hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered with your innate sense of curiosity. Syntysche gives witness to some miraculous…

A Life Truly Worth Living

What is the One Essential Truth that leads to a Life Truly Worth Living? The Truth that will free you now to live in fearless peace, abundance and happiness is within you. It’s waiting to be acknowledged by you, and once you do, your life will improve immeasurably in every way. I could give this Truth to you in a single sentence, and I have given it to those attending my classes and services countless times. But, I am guided to believe you…

Law & Order

Everything we experience is governed by the system of Divine Law and Order. This system is incorruptible but also largely unnoticed by most people who are still observing the world from their own limited perspective. Are you ready to expand your perspective to begin to see how to live in accordance with Divine Law, as opposed to being in conflict with it?

Thoughts Become Things: A Prosperity Talk

When you learn the great Secret, you will soon know, there are no limits. It’s unlimited what you can bring through you, from the Universe. Thoughts become things, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. When you desire it entirely and you feel your soul pulled toward it, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to bring it to life, it must come to life because it is a Universal Law. The Universe

Faith Made Manifest

There is an unseen Presence which is the essential nature of all things, which thinks, guides and acts through those who used faith to find it in themselves.  This is the Lord of enlightened souls — a simple, quiet, all-knowing Presence dwelling as the heir to one’s consciousness but disinherited by an “imposter self” — the ego. We have for so long listened to and served the imposter, we can’t fathom that a higher self, the heir, lies dormant–unattended within us. Now,…