Unity of Boulder is Now Offering S.E.E. Classes for Credit

Unity of Boulder is Now Offering S.E.E. Classes for Credit

For those that don’t know, S.E.E. stands for Spiritual Education & Enrichment and these are the official classes offered by Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) for credit. These classes are a great opportunity for three reasons:

  1. To provide a better understanding of Unity as it relates to our history, beliefs and core teachings.
  2. To develop spiritual knowledge and ability to progress on a spiritual path towards a more healthy and joy-filled life.
  3. To instill skills and credentialing in order to teach others how to progress down their path towards health and happiness.

When people first find Unity, they are often looking for something that will bring balance into a life that has been knocked off center. Whether it be financial, relational, physical or mental hardship, they are seeking wholeness. These classes are designed to help these seekers find and implement the answers they seek.

Once people have been in Unity for a while, many of them start to feel a calling to help others experience the transformation into wholeness that they themselves have experienced. These are seekers who have discovered that one of the primary tools in spiritual growth is helping and serving the growth of others. That is also where these S.E.E. classes can help.

Any of these classes can be taken just for the learning and growth experience, but they can also be taken for credit towards a path to becoming licensed to teach and help others. The classes are the prerequisites for application to one of Unity’s leadership paths, either a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) or an ordained minister. You are probably already roughly familiar with the role of a minister, but perhaps less familiar with the role of an LUT.  

An LUT is someone who is licensed to teach Unity classes for credit as well as perform other supportive duties to the minister and church center, depending on what is needed. In some instances they assist with counseling, give Sunday talks, lead meditations, work in outreach, teach youth, and more. It is all up to the needs of the church center and the capability of the LUT.

Whether you have a calling to be a minister or LUT, a desire for spiritual growth, or just want to know more about Unity, then the S.E.E. classes are right for you.    

Learn more about upcoming S.E.E. Classes here!


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