Unity as Christianity

Unity as Christianity

In a recent Sunday talk, co-minister Shad Groverland shared inspiring and insightful elements that related the essential definition of Unity as Christian. And there is much to be understood from Shad’s statement, “Unity is Christianity the way Jesus meant it to be.” Watch “Healing Our Religious Past” from March 24, 2019.

First, let’s be aware that when Charles Fillmore wrote the credo defining Unity, almost strictly as “a continuation of the educational system inaugurated by Jesus Christ”, he wrote in the late 1800s while living in Kansas City, Missouri – a time when Eastern Spirituality and Mysticism were just about non-existent in the US, including Missouri.

To be sure, Fillmore studied many of the religions and spiritual disciplines of India and the Far East before writing his credo. And as I was taught in the Unity Ministerial School, he studied the Eastern Religions, seeking to discovere what spiritual ideas they agreed on – and not where they were in disagreement. Thus, the name Unity was chosen by the Fillmores to represent the agreed-upon Truth at the heart of every major religion, Eastern and Western. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore also chose the Bible and the teachings of Jesus (correctly and metaphysically interpreted) as the basic Unity guidelines – mainly because their “New Thought” approach was tailored to the majority of Americans at that time who were only familiar with the Bible. It is also considered true that Jesus studied the deeper, esoteric truths of Judaism (Kabbalah) and traveled to India and the “Far East” where he studied tenets and practices of the Eastern Religions before returning to teach in his home country of Israel.

In short, Unity is a mind-opening, life-transforming collection of Universal Truths. Christian, yes, but not exclusively Christian.

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  1. Anne Rastello

    Dear Jack,Synthyche,Shad and Norma,
    This is a well explained letter on what Unity was formulated to be and is.
    Shad also had some excellent things to say.Your inclusivity statement at the beginning of the services is a welcome new addition.
    on the topic of inclusivity,I am grateful that Mother/Father God,and Divine Parents is now referred to in the sermons.I believe it is very important to women,that the Christ Consciousness be inclusive of the Divine Feminine, as well as the Divine Masculine.I know God,Spirit has no gender,but having spirituality /religion writings use exclusively, the masculine in all it’s philosophy,has made women feel left out.That is why it is paramount to address the Divine Parents.There are reflections of the Divine being femenine,in the Native American tradition,Eastern,and all spirituality around the world.It is time that we bring Her out to the Unity of the Christ Divine Consciousness.God needs to be represented in the feminine form,as the feminine face of God.
    I have been coming to Unity for a couple of years,it a beautiful sanctuary all of u have created all these years with the Divine.Perhaps a talk on the Her story would be a beautiful thing.

    Mother,Father God bless you always,love Annie

    • Unity of Boulder Ministry Team

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! We wholeheartedly agree with you, and will keep your suggestions in mind as we move forward. We appreciate your commitment to Unity of Boulder and love that you are part of our community!

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