Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

The Oneness Immersion

When I stand at the pulpit, or write my blogs, I want you to know that I don’t see myself separate from you.  I see myself as part of you as you are a part of me.  My goal is to immerse myself in oneness with you.  I want to reflect the kind of love for you that Spirit has for you and so therefore I am standing in that same glow of your beauty and mine.

I don’t want to fear you, I want to trust and have faith in you as I have trust and faith in the greater Love of this Universe and so I will let it move in and through all that I experience and reciprocate that Love everywhere that I am.

I am abundant because my finances, my health, my heart, my soul is free to flow into the vortex of Spirit’s guidance and I share my abundance with you for there is plenty to go around.

As our good is entering our life, I want to remind you how to listen to your heart as I discover how to listen to mine.