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Shutting Your Shadow Down

If you are too afraid to look back at your shadow, then your shadow may have a lot more power than you would like over your dreams, your passions. your desires.    

It does take courage to look into your past or even your present day negative emotions, and find what is hiding in the shadows. Yet when you summon the courage to go there, the power of the shadow diminishes.

That is why the shadow work is so powerful!  When people come to me for spiritual counseling, they most likely want to talk about their present-day issues with their children, their marriage, their employers etc. and are seeking answers on how to remove the blocks they keep running into in any given area. More than not, the blocks that are standing in their way are coming from the shadow of their childhoods and their limited belief system they have been subconsciously holding about themselves and were made when they were too young to have a say about it.  It is for this reason we have to be brave and willing to go within and feel the blocked emotions that say we are less than, or we don’t feel safe, or we don’t feel lovable, or we don’t feel smart enough, pretty enough, this list can go on and on.  If we don’t visit these limited belief systems than they will rear their head at un-opportune times like an over-reaction to something for no good reason.  And you ask yourself, where did that come from?

That was your shadow in control. 

It can be embarrassing to have a strong shadow puppeteering your life.

Our shadow selves comprise the aspects of our personality that aren’t “easily digestible” in polite company.

Envy. Jealousy. Rage. Desire for power. Anything that we don’t want to admit as belonging to “us”, we stuff in the shadow self.

But don’t worry everyone has a dark side whether they want to admit it or not, so we are all in this together. That is the fascinating thing about this, the shadow can be healed and it is amazing what your life can be when you are willing to be honest with yourself, when you are willing to grieve your childhood issues, when you are willing to open the windows to all aspects of yourself. There is great wisdom within the dark cracks of your soul and although it can be scary to go there, by not going there, you are putting off the inevitable.  It can have a power in your life. Take your life back and stop letting it dictate and direct your moods, your ability to love, your ability to trust. At Unity of Boulder we are holding a once in a lifetime workshop with one of the most powerful teachers I have had the honor of being a student of. The workshop is the Q process, taught by Dr. Jane Simmons, and if you are feeling ready to take control of your life and your emotions, this workshop will transform your life!  Register here.

The italicized portion of this blog was copied by a blog by Scott Jeffrey