Shad Groverland

Shad Groverland

Shad Groverland was born and raised in Unity under the loving wisdom and guidance of Jack and Norma Groverland, ministers at Unity of Boulder, Colorado. Though he grew up in church, his first passion was music production, which lead him to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Sound Engineering from the University of Colorado and start a 25-year career in sound. He went on to use this degree in Los Angeles, mixing sound for television and feature films before moving on to Las Vegas to mix live concerts and theatrical productions, primarily for the MGM Resorts chain of hotels and venues. After a series of life events in 2012, Shad received his own call to ministry and began his schooling in Unity. In 2015 he graduated from the Unity Urban Ministerial School and was later ordained in 2016. While in school he was hired at Unity of Las Vegas, where he served for five years before answering the call to return home to Unity of Boulder, to co-minister with his sister, Syntysche, where he is today. Shad also currently serves on the Unity Worldwide Ministries board of trustees, as a member of the Unity Focusing Forward Team and member of the Unity People’s Convention Team.   

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