Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

NEW GROUP for Young Adults! Next Generation Unity (NGU)

NGU meets the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from 12:00 – 1:30pm in Unity of Boulder’s Fellowship Hall.
NGU is the next generation of Unity, and in many ways, is the now generation as well. NGU is for the young adults who want to be involved in church, but feel going to a Sunday service doesn’t fulfill all their spiritual needs. For some, it’s as simple as not being able to attend on Sunday mornings because of work. For others, the closeness of community experienced during Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity for high school students) is a high priority. While for others, NGU serves (especially those new to town) as a group of friends who have similar values. 

What is a NGU group?

NGU is intended for but not limited to, young adults. (Young adults is defined as persons chronologically ages 18-35ish.) NGU is not just a young adult group at church. NGU can be on campus, online, or regional events.

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