Our ministers are available to officiate memorial services off-site at your location of choice, or onsite at our Spiritual Center.  


Memorial Services are scheduled through the church office. You may request one of our ministers for your service. You may also use a minister outside the church and of a different denomination. You will plan the service with the minister but be sure to make all rental arrangements with the church office staff, including any special needs, so we may arrange accordingly.


Sanctuary GALLERY

Our sanctuary seats up to 450 people in the pews and can accommodate another 150 in folding chairs that we do have available.  It is equipped with an excellent sound system as well as a video projection system to allow speakers use of PowerPoint presentations, video footage and audio.  We have both wired and wireless microphones available.  We do not rent our instruments. There is a separate charge of $30 per hour for a sound technician.  The curtains may be used open or closed but must be adjusted by an employee of the church. There is No Food or Drink permitted in the Sanctuary!!


Fellowship 2 GALLERY

 Holds up to 150 people. Table and chair set up fee is $50. The Fellowship Hall also has a small “dance floor” area making the room great for holiday parties, wedding receptions or birthday celebrations. If desired, the renter may set up and put away all tables and chairs for no additional fee. Kitchen is included at no charge including coffee and tea urns, plates and silverware (you are responsible for clean-up).Food and drink are allowed in this room. 


Meditation 6

Holds up to 50 people.  The Meditation Room has tiered seating and a stage and is the perfect location for a smaller, more intimate service.  Includes sound system and adjustable lighting to set the mood. Cost is $75/hr.



Below is a list of the options from which to choose and their corresponding cost.


Includes pre-service planning. There is an increased fee for off-site services. Minister honorarium is due 30 days prior to event.


All events in our Sanctuary are required to incorporate our Unity sound and light technician at a rate of $30 per hour for all scheduled rental time, as well as an additional one hour before each daily scheduled Sanctuary rental time.


Includes the use of the kitchen. Official members of Unity of Boulder receive $125 off of the 3 hour Fellowship Hall rental fee.