Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

“I will continue to live from the center of my wide-open heart, Nia opens me!”

Today I was leaving my dance class with my daughter and I was flying high, and extremely inspired.  I have been studying “Nia,” for about 2 years now and it still surprises me how much I still learn, how much it has transformed my physical strength, my heart and my mind. There is a growing bond that happens between the people that regularly attend and I am filled with gratitude for each and every one of them.  There is a bond that happens when a tribe of people come together in sacred space, moving in and through the mind, body connection to beautiful music.

I love discovering the individual stories of one another, not by words, but by the energy exchanged through the movements. Today there was spontaneous laughter, a playfulness that moved across the room, the little child came out in all of us and we were safe to explore it however we felt in our bodies without judgment or shame.

Sometimes it is not all puppy dogs and balloons, and we are called to move into our vulnerability, feeling the subtle roar from stored fears or insecurity, which expresses itself through the dance.   There are occasional tears that occur when a specific movement, or an affirmation is shared like, “Move into your disappointments right now and let them be released through your body.” There are so many ways for emotions to be brought to the surface, that are no longer serving us and we are supported by the compassionate, warrior dancers who are there to help by holding a safe place for new found love and self-acceptance.

Nia, has so changed my life, that I could no longer keep it to myself, I have been working behind the scenes to bring this form of dance to Unity of Boulder for over a year.  I’m proud to announce that I have found the perfect instructors, to bring this incredible practice to our Unity Community and the greater Boulder area.  We are presently preparing a dance space, in our Fellowship Hall, with a full wall of mirrors and a great sound system.

On Sunday, May 5th, 2019 from 1:30 – 3pm we will be holding a FREE trial class for anyone who would like to get more familiar with the practice and feel it in your body.

Every class is designed for any age or any level of dance experience.

Classes will be Tue. Wed. and Thursday, 9 – 10 am.  Starting May 7th!