Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

How to get out of your own way when things aren’t going your way!

Do you feel like you are in a challenging spell where you feel like you can’t find your footing in your creative or abundant or romantic out-picturing inside or out? Is everything feeling like it has fallen a little dead and the flow of life has come to a halt? If you have a spiritual practice you will recognize these phases sooner, where you realize that things aren’t actually working out for you right now and you are asking questions like, “what is it that is causing this stagnation or lack luster for moving forward in my life?” The mere question being asked by you, is a sign that you have become aware of this changed tide. This is when the door opens up to you on how to balance out the old to the new and unfolds before you the path that was being called for you at the beginning of this challenge.

This is how Spirit brings important changes into our lives, by shaking things up, creating an imbalance in order for the new balance to take flight.

The only thing you have to do is let go and let Spirit take over at this time. Stop trying to keep things the way they used to be out of fear and trust by opening to a new and greater way of doing things. Spirit’s never going to take your good from you, so trust the process and brace yourself for the incredible path, situation, person that is about to come into your life and illuminate it in a way you could never have dreamt it for yourself.