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Seniors Group at Unity Takes on Children’s Writing Project!

Senior adult members of Boulder Unity are participating in a writing project with 3rd graders at Whittier International Elementary School.  The students will soon be given a beautiful, keepsake journal to record their thoughts, interests and responses to being writing pals with a senior adult they will be matched to.  The student will have the journal for a week, do their writing (no minimum or maximum amount) and then it will be given over to the senior adult chosen to…

What Would Love Do?

Before reacting to a problem or limitation, take a holy pause, and ask yourself what love would do in this situation. “As you become willing to be a representative of love, you will start to attract every good thing that you have ever sought for…fought for…in the world…because the only real power in this entire universe is LOVE.” ~Jack Groverland at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center. To listen to the entire sermon, click the link below and find the sermon…

Why Small Groups are Vital to Your Spiritual Growth

It’s too easy to hide in a large gathering. It’s tougher to hide in a small group. It’s too easy to be passive during a sermon. Wallflowers don’t last long in a small group. There is little to no accountability. Follow-through is much easier in a small group. We’re prone to think we matter too little. Small groups remind us that we are loved. We’re prone to think we matter too much. Small groups remind us that others have problems,…