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Unity as Christianity

In a recent Sunday talk, co-minister Shad Groverland shared inspiring and insightful elements that related the essential definition of Unity as Christian. And there is much to be understood from Shad’s statement, “Unity is Christianity the way Jesus meant it to be.” Watch “Healing Our Religious Past” from March 24, 2019. First, let’s be aware that when Charles Fillmore wrote the credo defining Unity, almost strictly as “a continuation of the educational system inaugurated by Jesus Christ”, he wrote in

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“I will continue to live from the center of my wide-open heart, Nia opens me!”

Today I was leaving my dance class with my daughter and I was flying high, and extremely inspired.  I have been studying “Nia,” for about 2 years now and it still surprises me how much I still learn, how much it has transformed my physical strength, my heart and my mind. There is a growing bond that happens between the people that regularly attend and I am filled with gratitude for each and every one of them.  There is a

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Pine Ridge Emergency Donations

UNITY OF BOULDER is A DROP OFF PLACE FOR PINE RIDGE DONATIONS.Please drop off donations between the hours of 9 am & 8:30 pm in the rear entrance lobby on the northwest corner of the building. Local efforts are being made in response to the state of emergency called by the Tribal President, Julian R. Bear Runner of the Pine Ridge Wounded Knee Reservation and in South Dakota. A local volunteer has offered to stop by regularly and make deliveries

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Introducing the Spiritual Spelunkers Adventure Group

Calling All Adventurers! A new group is beginning this Sunday called the Spiritual Spelunkers. We are an adventure group for all ages, with our main focus on active indoor and outdoor events. Examples of possible events include rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, or camping, in and around the Boulder area. For our first activity, we will be indoor rock climbing. If you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy spiritual discussions, then this is the group for you!  Spiritual Spelunkers meets the

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