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Month: February 2019

The Oneness Immersion

When I stand at the pulpit, or write my blogs, I want you to know that I don’t see myself separate from you.  I see myself as part of you as you are a part of me.  My goal is to immerse myself in oneness with you.  I want to reflect the kind of love for you that Spirit has for you and so therefore I am standing in that same glow of your beauty and mine. I don’t want

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Shutting Your Shadow Down

If you are too afraid to look back at your shadow, then your shadow may have a lot more power than you would like over your dreams, your passions. your desires.     It does take courage to look into your past or even your present day negative emotions, and find what is hiding in the shadows. Yet when you summon the courage to go there, the power of the shadow diminishes. That is why the shadow work is so powerful! 

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The epidemic of loneliness in young people and how spiritual youth groups can help!

The topic of this blog post was requested by a Unity congregant. The fall off of people identifying as part of a spiritual community as a daily or weekly part of life is on the rise. With social media being the main outlet for interacting with one another, we are seeing an epidemic of loneliness in our culture not just because of social media, but it is the emotional state created when people have fewer social contacts and meaningful relationships.

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